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In Search of Silent Thoughts:

2024 TESA Artist-in-Residence Nessim Cohen Solo Exhibition


July 26 (Friday), July 27 (Saturday), July 28 (Sunday)

Time: 14:30-17:30

Ceremony process: 

14:30-14:50  Guest check-in

15:00-16:00  Tea ceremony sessions

16:00-17:30  Exchange tea party

Venue:  TESA Creative Center 

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*Free admission

For this exhibition and performances, Nessim will explore the will theme of the subconscious and it's desires. What makes us moved, what is creating inside of us, beyond or consciousness.


Nessim Cohen is a Paris-based performance and mixed-medium artist with a background in philosophy, ceramics, calligraphy, and the Japanese tea ceremony. He studied in Japan for more than 2 years with ceramists such as Sasaki Kyoshitsu Shouraku IV and several tea artists. Since returning to Europe 7 years ago, his artistic journey has been fueled by a desire to develop his own aesthetic and rituals. Quietness lies at the heart of Nessim's work. This tranquility can only be born through a reconnection with our natural world and inner self. In recent years, he has sought to express the beauty of what is already there, perhaps of what is not there for long anymore. While the tea ceremony served as his canvas for many years, he is now exploring new kinds of mediums such as painting with clay and collage, to channel this. 

7/26-7/28 we would like to invite you to participate to this peaceful experience.

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