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TESA’s Artist-in-Residence

Founded in 2018, TESA Creative Center sets out from environmental concern and sustainable ecology, and inspires thoughts upon art, spaces, and the environment. Artist-in-Residence provides artists excellent places for art-making, living, research and exchange. Artists are also encouraged to contribute to the communities with art actions.  Artist-in-Residence in TESA aims to have international exchange in-depth and at the same time, introduce Taiwan to the world through artists from all over the world.

Art-Making and Living in TESA

Located at the naturally abundant Baisha Bay, TESA Creative Center consists of spacious places for art-making and detached living quarters . Artists are given the freedom to create their art projects around the untamed landscape. Artworks can be presented indoors or outdoors, so are exhibitions, forums, performances or seminars. A forklift, a stacker and an air compressor and all kinds of carving tools are available for artists. The saloon, the kitchen next to it and the wooden deck extending outwards are where artists can hang out.


In addition to TESA Creative Center, the art space and ceramic workshop in Danshui are also available for artists. They can exhibit or work here.

2024 Open Calls for Artist-in-Residence

Art Types:  Visual Art, Sculpture

Available Period of Residence:  Mar/01/2024~Dec/31/2024

How to Apply:

1. To finish the online application, applicants should fill in the Form, and send it to on or before 31st January 2024

2. Individual or Group Residence: Artists can apply individually or in a group. Each group can have up to 4 members. Each of the group member’s name, bio, and past experience must be filled on the application form.

3. Any question regarding the residence please email to:

4. Fee(One-month accommodation and workshops):

    Individual- US$1300, Group- US$900 per person

Artists selected should pay 100% of the fee as deposit within 15 days of the notification. The deposit is not returned to artists who fail to make the artist-in-residence.

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