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Meeting Space

with View

  • Location∣ Top Floor of TESA

  • Capacity ∣ Around 12 people

  • Facilities ∣ Electricity, Washing Basin 

  • Suitable Events ∣Small Meeting, Reading Club, Small Penal, Static Event 

Indoor +Outdoor Space

+Meeting Space with View's

Rate of Rental

All-day (9:30-18:00)

​Weekdays: TWD 12,000 per day

Weekend & Holidays : TWD14,000 per day

  •  All-day rental time is 10:00-18:00. Preparation and restoration should be included in the rental time.


  • The deposit for an all-day rental is TWD 3,000.


  • The venue should be cleaned and restored after the event. In the case that the venue needs cleaning by the Center, the expense will be taken from the deposit.


  • Renters who need parking space should be notified in advance.

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