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TESA Artist-in-Residence Program: Hana - Blooming
DANCE PERFORMANCE by Swedish Butohdancer Frauke
Costume by Elisabeth Lundblad

Time:February 22, 2020  (2:00pm-4:00pm)

*Free admission

The flower stands for nature's ability to renew itself, expanding in rhythmic shifts, retreating and re-spreading.

Hana -Blooming represents nagare, meaning flow, the forces found in the spaces in between, spheres of the outside and the inside. The seed vessel is an open secret.

This is the 12th and finale performance of the Hana - three bodies world tour which has been presented in sixth different countries in Europe and Asia.

The performance has been developed site-specific in TESA Creative Center to take advantage of what is unique, utilize it into the creation and transform the work into the authentic environment. Butoh dance provides a dialogue between body and room.

"With a distinctive visual language, unique energy and curiosity she examines existence – life, death as well as primal natural forces. Through Frauke she becomes one with the universe. We are invited to this visual wealth, and the untamed, the constant changing and the vastness that is life.”

After the dance performance the audience is invited to an artist talk and the showing of a work in progress, a short film with Frauke, filmed in Kyoto December 2019 by Australian Videographer Nam Tran.

We’d like to share a huge thanks to Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, for its generous support.

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